A complete offer for the distributors

A wide range of material to answer all your customers needs

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Global Solutions for the distributors

EVALINOX offers a wide range of piping, tanking and valve equipment for the stockists.

We offer you some technical equipments, ready to install, dedicated to the industrial sector, in order to support your customers requirements. Our knowledge has led us to become one of the key-partners of the stockists.

  • Easy to Order
  • Scheduled deliveries possible
  • Unique Source of Supply
  • Quality Consistency
  • Range additions
  • Stock
  • Quality Price ratio
  • Technical Support

For all the distributors

A full range of equipment for the stockists.

  • Local Agents
  • Distributors
  • Stockists
  • Sales Counters

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Our Sales and Technical Team, with its several years experience in these areas, will accompany you in your requests and projects in France, Europe and Worldwide.

We are very reactive to customers ‘ Day to Day requirements, and we’re able to provide a specific answer to every type of actor.

We will reply to your request within 48 hours.

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